You want to start your own company and need a program to perform your activities. Well, there are two options here: you can choose either off-the-shelf software or bespoke software. It is worth mentioning that in the past years, numerous big companies from the corporate system have resorted to bespoke programs, not only because they wanted to have a unique program to work in that no other company has, but also because they wanted something to match their needs. If you are interested in a bespoke software development company, websites such as might help you get things clearer. Here is why bespoke is better than off-the-shelf.

It is tailored to your needs

This is one of the greatest benefits that come with this type of programs – the fact that it is custom-made to meet the needs and interests of your company. Off-the-shelf programs are designed on a certain pattern that is supposed to match the needs of more people. This is the reason why people who need such programs have to pay a license fee in order to use them. Bespoke software on the other hand is designed to be used in a specific company only and they are not made available on the market for purchase. The developer gathers information related to the needs and interests of their client and designs the software accordingly.

No need to pay further fees

Another reason why it is recommended to opt for bespoke instead of off-the-shelf is that you and your employees no longer have to pay for per-user fees. In the case of off-the-shelf programs, every user who wants to use them needs to pay a fee when purchasing the software and sometimes every year or every several months after the license expires. This does not count for bespoke software, since the only time one has to pay for these services is in the beginning. It is true that the cost might be a little higher for custom-made programs, but it is definitely worth it in the end.


Off-the-shelf software has a well-established pattern onto which it is designed and every once in a while there are updates added to it in order to improve its performance. However, if one might need certain features to be added to the program, that person would have to wait several months or even years until the designers of the program to release an updated version, not to mention that it is possible that update might never come. In the case of bespoke software, whenever the client needs to add certain features to it, the only thing they have to do is contact the developer and as for it, so the client does not have to wait too long for it.

Competitive advantage

Investing money in custom-made programs comes with another great benefit and that is competitiveness. Having a program that no other company has is definitely a great advantage to your own company. What is more, tailor-made software can actually help your company improve its performance and increase your clients’ satisfaction level.