When buying a smartphone, everyone has their unique selection criteria and features to look for in their new gadget. However, there is always one element that can be found on everyone’s criteria list and that is the phone’s battery life. You have probably been at least once in the frustrating situation where your phone died at a very critical moment and you were desperately looking for a solution. One of the accessories you must purchase along with your smartphone is an extended battery charger case and one great online store to find these items is Mobile Mob. Here’s why everyone should consider buying such an accessory.

Extended charge

An extended battery charger case could save you from many situations when you urgently need to use your phone but its battery is about to die. It is already known that most smartphone batteries last one or two days most and they tend to wear down over time, especially after you have charged them several hundred times. If you charge your phone in the morning and you overuse it during the day, you won’t have any battery left in the evening. A battery charger case is exactly what you need to give your smartphone a boost and to extend the live of the battery.

The looks is great

Contrary to what many people believe, these extended battery charger cases don’t make smartphones look bulky and they don’t occupy much space in the purse either. Compared to external batteries for instance, where you have to connect your smartphone to the external battery via a USB cable, these cases give the aspect of a regular case that you have to stick out of the back of your phone. They are designed to perfectly fit in with shape, the size and the look of the phone. People will hardly notice you have an extended battery charger case attached to your smartphone!

Flexibility – a key factor

Whenever your phone is about to die, you are desperately looking for a power plug or socket to charge your phone’s battery, but what can you do if you are on the road, traveling, and you have no power plugs nearby? This is when these extended battery charger cases come to your rescue. You can carry them with you wherever you go and attach them to your smartphone in a matter of seconds only.

What to look for

Now that you know the great benefits of purchasing this sort of mobile accessory, you should also learn a bit about the most important factors to look for in an extended battery charger case. One of the aspects is related to the charger’s capacity. In most cases, this is expressed in milliamp hours (mAh). The higher the capacity of the charger, the more powerful it is and the more it will charge your smartphone’s battery.

Another factor to value is related to design. There is a wide range of battery charger cases and they come in different colours, sizes, shapes and with different drawings on them. It is essential you choose the one that perfectly suits your smartphone.