Whether you’re a diligent homeowner who cleans the house once a week or the kind of person who would rather skip it for quite some time, you probably rely on a good vacuum cleaner to get the job done. In the past few years, robot vacuums have become more and more accessible and popular, especially thanks to their convenience. Despite their size, they also pack quite a punch in terms of power and you can see ratings here to find out just how much they can help. But, keep in mind that in order to enjoy such a great appliance for as long as possible and get amazing results every time, you need to think about maintenance from time to time. Based on expert recommendations, we can safely assume that robot vacuums have a long lifespan, but to make the most out of them you should offer them a few minutes of maintenance every week.

Do I need mechanical skills to look after my robot vacuum?

Absolutely not! Robot vacuums may seem a bit complicated at first, but anyone can learn to maintain them. Manufacturers usually include maintenance instructions in the product manual and they’re not rocket science. Besides, you won’t have to do anything complex or dangerous. The point of weekly maintenance is to check that everything works and, if there happens to be a problem, fix it before it requires expensive repairs. Routine maintenance can be done by the average person, but if you encounter a puzzling technical issue, refer to the manufacturer or to a certified repairs service. Do not attempt to do anything other than maintenance yourself, because you could cause even more damage to the appliance and void the warranty.


Things you should do once a week

The only weekly maintenance a robot vacuum needs is cleaning the brushes and bearings. This only takes a few minutes and you don’t need to be an expert to do it. Just make sure you’re gentle and you don’t use any toxic cleansers, because they could damage the vacuum. Although you can skip cleaning for a week or two, you shouldn’t wait any longer than that, because hairs and debris can get stuck in the brush, reducing cleaning efficiency. When it’s time to replace the brushes, make sure you check compatibility.


Things you should do every month

You might not realize it, but your robot vacuum gathers a lot of debris every time you use it and if you don’t get rid of it from time to time, it will make the vacuum less efficient. Once a month, remember to open up the vacuum chassis and throw away the dirt that piled up in there. It is a bit messy, but it will keep the appliance in good condition. You should never clean the filter with water and soap though, because this will damage the internal components! If you’ve postponed cleaning the filter for too long or it simply looks to grimy to clean, then replace it altogether.