A popular car, one present for year in many tops, the 2017 Toyota Corolla, enjoys waves of popularity still. This particular manufacturer enjoys having one of the best selling cars across America. The new model comes with a couple of changes, and just like Edmunds says the 2017 Toyota Corolla the changes are quite amazing able to keep the car ahead of its competitors. However, let’s see why many opt for this car when buying one and why it is such a popular choice around the world.

It goes easy on gas – And Americans know its price

The new model comes with the great advantage that it has quite impressive fuel economy features. The special engine tuning makes the basic model reach the astounding return levels of 36 mpg. The eco model, however, reaches 40 mpg. This is maybe one of the most gas friendly models available out the currently.

Reliable, as always

Traditionally, Corollas are reliable cars. No wonder they are preferred by so many. But, there is one condition that many tend to neglect. Although it beats any records when it comes to reliability, it does it only when it’s well maintained, serviced at the recommended intervals. Meeting these conditions, the owners are able to enjoy this piece of engineering more than 250.000 miles, and that is impressive, indeed.

The manual transmission makes the car fun to drive

Although it is smooth to drive in the CVT version, the six-speed manual transmission version is so much more fun to drive! And although it is easier to drive with the CVT, the ride becomes instantly more entertaining with the manual transmission for all the fan boys and girls out there.

It’s quite a spacious car

If families’ worst nightmare is a crowded car, then the 2017 Corolla it’s going to be a dream. The new model comes with plenty of legroom, and drivers of all sizes can comfortably drive it. This compact sedan comes, in fact, with even more rear space than the bigger brother, Toyota Camry. This way, the car instantly becomes the perfect candidate for an out of town road trip.

Increased crash safety features

If the 2016 has picked by the IIHS as a Top Safety, the 2017 model comes with even more safety features. It has increased protection capabilities in case of a crash, exceeding the last year’s model.