Every year there are new changes in the appliance industry, and to keep your home up to date with the latest innovations, first you have to know what the most impressive ones are. Therefore, read the following lines to find out which are the innovations that you have to look for in the appliance industry.

Whirlpool WRL767SIAM Refrigerator

The innovation that the Whirlpool WRL767SIAM refrigerator brought to the industry is the 6th Sense Live technology. If you pay the $2000 required to buy it, you can monitor the refrigerator and manage its settings from your phone due to the innovative 6th Sense Live technology that it uses. The 6th Sense Live technology makes it possible for you to activate and change certain options when you’re away from home with Smart Assistant features like Temperature Set Assistant and Vacation Assistant. When it comes to monitoring the status of the refrigerator, the 6th Sense Live technology offers you this ability with the help of the Smart Stats feature. In addition, the revolutionary technology makes the refrigerator a truly energy efficient appliance with the help of the Smart Energy features that it comes with.

LG DLGX5781VE Dryer

The LG DLGX5781VE dryer costs only $1300, and using it will definitely change your life. The key features that make the DLGX5781VE an innovative and revolutionary dryer are the EasyLoad door, and the TrueSteam technology. The EasyLoad door is spectacular due to the fact that it allows dual-opening options, meaning that you can open the door both vertically, and horizontally. The TrueSteam technology eliminates the need for ironing the laundry due to the fact that it eliminates the wrinkles off of the clothes. In addition, this technology eliminates the unpleasant odors as well. Also, the dryer has an extra-large capacity of 7.3 cubic feet that makes it ideal for large families, and it’s energy efficient.

Whirlpool Gold WDL785SAAM Dishwasher

The last impressive innovation that we are going to talk about comes from the Whirlpool Gold WDL785SAAM dishwasher that you can own for the price of $1000. Just like the first appliance that we talked about, this dishwasher uses the innovative 6th Sense Live technology to provide with the Smart Grid feature. By pressing the Smart Grid button you ensure that the dishwasher will only operate when grid consumption is at its cheapest, making it the best dishwasher when it comes to energy efficiency. In addition, the WDL785SAAM dishwasher from Whirlpool increases even more in energy efficiency if you run the 1-Hour wash program instead of the Normal program.