The logo is the first thing people will remember about your brand, so there is no need to remind you how important it is for your business. It’s going to be on your website, on your business cards and on your products, so it has to represent your business at its best. Think about big brands and how impacting their logos are in the industry and even though they opt for a rebranding from time to time, the basic, like colors and theme, remain the same. Even when choosing to work with a company that specializes in logo design, it’s good to know a few basics about developing the emblem of your brand.

Build a Story

The first step in developing the logo for your brand is defining your brand’s identity and the story you want to tell, as the experts at say. When deciding on the theme, you have to keep in mind that your logo must be recognizable and timeless. Even the most professional logo can fail its purpose if it doesn’t represent your brand in an effortless way.


When talking about fonts there are three main types that you can choose for: serif, sans serif and script.

  1. Serif – if you’re going for a more traditional and professional touch, this is the font for you. Think about the classics, like newspapers, but keep in mind it can sometimes feel a bit outdated.
  2. Sans Serif – this type of font is great if you want to go for a fresher approach, as it’s often the internet’s favorite, but this also means it can lose a bit of its originality.
  3. Script – the tricky ones, as they can be really creative, but they can be very confusing as well. If you want to choose a script font, keep it simple and let it breathe.


There is no way of telling your story better than through thoughtfully picked colors. In fact, studies show that 80% of consumers admit that color increases brand recognition and other statistics show that women prefer shades, which are colored mixed with white, while men are more attracted to tints, which are colors mixed with blacks. Red represents boldness, orange is confident and playful, yellow is warm and optimistic, green represents health and peace, blue is the color of trust and strength and purple means creativity and wisdom, while black and white combinations are neutral and calm. If you choose to use multiple colors in your logo, keep in mind that people prefer similar hue combinations, such as blue and purple, red and orange.

Know the trends

We’ve established that your logo must be timeless, but that doesn’t mean outdated, so there is no harm in knowing what the trends for logo design are and make sure your logo design team is up to date with them, like this company in Indonesia, who specializes in jasa desain logo is.

Some of the most appreciated trends right now are:

  • Geometry
  • Optical illusions
  • Bright colors
  • Minimalism
  • Juxtaposition