For decades companies from all industries have been using business cards as a means of promoting their products and services and attracting potential clients and customers. There are many companies that provide business card printing services nowadays, which makes it quite difficult when it comes to resorting to a specific name card printing Singapore company, not to mention about the various misconceptions people have regarding business cards. Here are some good examples of myths you should stop believing right away.

#1 – Business cards are an out-dated marketing tool

With the Internet at your fingertips nowadays, the marketing industry has known significant changes in the past couple of years, as more and more companies started using the Internet as their primary advertising tool, leaving aside other marketing strategies that did not involve the online world. It is true that the World Wide Web is the most cost-effective tool businesses can use in order to reach out large number of people in the shortest time possible, yet those classical methods should not be overlooked either. As out-dated as business cards may seem, they are still one very good advertising tool companies are strongly recommended to use, as it will make them look more professional and trust-worthy.

#2 – The more details on the business card, the better it will be

Another misconception related to business cards is that those who still resort to this method are on the opinion that it is best if they put as much information as possible about their company on the business card in order to help potential customer or client immediately make an idea on the specific company. Truth is no one will spend time reading a business card if it has too many words, too many images printed on it or words overlapping images. The design of the business card is crucial, which is why it is best you get some professional advice on which images to opt for, what font to use and what colours would best work for your business card before actually printing some.

#3 – No one will notice if I have out-dated info on my business card

Many businesspersons are on the opinion that it is enough if they resort to business card printing services once and they never have to return to it again. This may be true on only one condition – that none of the details you have initially printed on those cards has changed over time. If some of the information written on your business cards is out-dated, it is of utmost importance you change it and bring your cards up to date. Giving a business card to someone knowing that card has irrelevant information about your company may make that person have a very bad first impression over the way you run your company and do business.

All things considered, these are some of the most common myths on business cards people should immediately stop believing. Pay attention to every detail when designing your business cards, no matter how small, since the small ones are the ones that actually differentiate you from other similar companies in the industry.