You just bought a new phone and you don’t know whether to opt for a SIM only plan or a contract phone plan? Well, the solution to this problem is simpler than you thought. First of all, contract phone plans are recommended when you want to buy a new phone from them, not when you already own one. Why? With contract phone plans you pay a larger amount of money each month during the whole contractual period, but you get a free phone from the very beginning.

In case you wanted a specific phone and you bought it beforehand, your main purpose should be paying less money and taking advantage of good mobile services. There is a solution to that – SIM only deals. These are plans where you only pay the services you are using, not the fees that are afferent to purchasing a phone. The main benefit of selecting a SIM only plan would be its flexibility. You are no longer tied to a contractual period and you can switch plans whenever you feel like it. Here are some more benefits of a SIM only deal and why you should consider it the best partner for the phone you own.

SIM only and pay-as-you-go

Choosing a SIM only plan gives you the opportunity to pay-as-you-go. What does that mean? Well, you can switch your plan whenever you feel like the services are no longer appropriate for your situation. If you want to pay for a different plan that has more data included compared to minutes and texts, you can do that without any kind of consequences. In the case of a contract phone plan, your services will remain the same until the contractual period expires entirely. Otherwise, you can’t select a new plan. Find the 3G plan that’s most suitable for your situation. You can find yourself in the situation of paying more than you can afford or more than you actually consume. If this happens while you are under a contractual period, you won’t be able to step back, and you have to pay the money no matter what. In case you feel like you’d be happier with a small plan, you can switch them as long as you are using SIM only plans.

Comparing deals  

So, how can you choose the best SIM only deal available out there? It’s easy – you just compare what services each mobile company offers. If you only need data, you choose a plan with lots of data. If you need minutes, you select one that includes more minutes than data. Each mobile service provider has different offers that suit all sorts of budgets and needs. The secret is to compare the deals and see which one is matching your preferences and requirements. It’s not complicated and won’t take you long to do it. Plus, you can change your mind anytime and save some money when you feel like it. Flexibility is the biggest benefit of SIM only deals, so take advantage of it.