Also known under the name of “serigraphy”, screen printing is an advanced technique allowing painting to be somehow projected on a surface, on different materials and objects. Although initially, the method was mostly used for industrial purposes, nowadays its function has developed and is used for a wide variety of purposes. This is mostly due to the fact that it is extremely versatile. Screen printing can be used for paper, fabric, wood and many other materials, thus leading to the emergence of original and sometimes even decorative objects. Given the increasing popularity of this technique, you should know that there are many companies specialised in screen printing Toronto, providing dedicated services you can feel free to use. These firms use professional tools and can deliver excellent results. But before choosing one, read on to discover some relevant pieces of information about screen printing.

What happens during printing?

During the screen printing process, a specialised device is used to create an image on a surface. This sounds quite simple, but how is it possible? What actually happens is that the printer is pressing ink on through a thin screen (called a mesh), which has certain areas blocked by a stencil. Its form varies depending on what you intend to print and can reach even the most intricate models or patterns. Paint transfer is done through the areas not blocked, by the means of a blade or squeegee, which fills the open mesh and allows the wet paint to enter in contact with the substrate. The thinner the mesh, the more accurate and qualitative the results will be. This pretty much sums up what is happening as the printer machine is turned on. Given the fact that initially, screen printers used silk mesh (because it was extremely delicate), the process was names silkscreen printing. However, this was before the invention of polyester mesh, a part that has revolutionised the entire technology. Today, the entire process is taking place extremely fast, leaving a uniform layer of colour on the printed material and time for the wet ink to get dry.


What is screen printing used for?

Taking into consideration that it is more accurate than other similar procedures, screen printing is used for fine commercial applications. Some of the most popular such purposes is getting company logos on custom made objects, such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, note books and many others. The method is also used for fashion purposes – printed t-shirts have become an extremely stylish item in the past years. From quotes, to logos or even pictures per-se, you can find all these on garments all around the world. In addition to this, since the technique has become so performing lately, now you can have stuff printed on almost any item you can think about. This is a great idea for personalised presents and more and more people opt for this alternative when looking for an original gift. Get in touch with a dedicated company and they will explain you how they can help you.