If you are looking for a smartphone that will offer you the ultimate elegance feeling, your wait is over, as the new Samsung Galaxy S7 is here. The appearance, the performance, and every technical detail of this phone are designed to make it a sophisticated gadget that will amaze the user with every feature they discover. For those curious to see how the new Samsung Galaxy S7 will revolutionize the industry, here is an unbiased review.

  • The new Samsung Galaxy S7 brings an innovation in terms of design, with a more sophisticated housing made of swathes of metal and glass, instead of the cheap plastic used in the previous models. This is plus from clients who want a smartphone that will look expensive at first glance. The slight curvature at the rear makes it extremely comfortable to hold and helps it slide into the palm of your hand. The protruding camera of the previous version has been replaced by a sensor that sits flush with the glass so the phone will sit straight on the table. Although it doesn’t seem like a huge improvement, it pleases most users who were unhappy with this detail on their S6.
  • Another change is the microSd slot that has been inserted into the nano-SIM tray so there will be no uneven lines on the edges of the new S7. This smartphone has also kept the waterproofing that allows you to sink the S7 into water up to 1m deep for about 30 minutes. Knowing that your phone will not be damaged if you drop it in the sink or in a cup of water offers you peace of mind, and Samsung took advantage of this detail.
  • Something that we were not happy about was the decision Samsung took to reduce the camera’s sensor from 16 megapixels to 12 megapixels, which makes users cringe. The front camera has 5 megapixels sensor that doesn’t seem to have changed too much. Although the quality of the photos doesn’t suffer due to this change, we couldn’t help to wonder how fine the images will turn out. The answer is very fine, considering the fast auto-focus that Samsung Galaxy S7 features.
  • A considerable improvement that will maximize the performance of the S7 is the 3,000 mAh cell battery, with 450 mAh cell more than the S6 so it will manage to stay active for a whole day, something that the previous model was not able to do. The screen remains the sane quad HD resolution and Super AMOLED that delivers crystal clear images and amazing colors. The Always On feature of the screen is a novelty that keeps a certain part of it on so you will be able to see the hour without having to push a button.