Cooling the air at home has stopped being a trivial matter as technology keeps evolving and there are more and more innovative air cooling systems that make an entrance on the market. You the old pedestal fan doesn’t match the modern design of your house, it’s time to take a closer look at the most innovative home cooling solutions that will make you comfortable in the summer.

Handy Cooler Personal Air Conditioner

Another technology that keeps on becoming popular is the wireless one and since you have all kinds of wireless gadgets, why not have an air conditioner that blows cool air in your face so you will never sweat from heat again? How this unit works is quite impressive because it doesn’t simply create cool air, it uses water to create cool moist air. All you have to do is wet the sponge inside the gadget and you can enjoy 5 hours of cool air, just enough for a hot summer day.

Greencore Solar Powered AC

Considering that air conditioning systems are required in intense sun heat, it’s ridiculous not to use models that are solar powered. This is what the engineers at Greencore have thought and the result is this air conditioning unit that uses a 170-watt solar panel that makes it efficient enough to cool a room of 600 sq. ft. This unit is much more energy efficient, not to mention how environmentally-friendly it is and this is a great thing.

Dyson AM Tower Fans

Tower fans have never been more stylish nor have they delivered so much cool air than with the development of the Dyson AM models. These fans aren’t actually fans because they don’t use spinning blades to create cool air. What they use in an innovative technology called Air Multiplier that accelerates air through an annular aperture so cool air is created and spread around the room. The interesting and stylish design makes them look more like pieces of decoration, but they are, in fact, very efficient home cooling appliances.

Fanimation Air Shadow Collection

If you prefer a ceiling fan, you shouldn’t settle for a regular version that doesn’t complement the design of your house. Instead, you can choose this version that combines the stylish design with the efficiency of spinning blades. The innovation is in the retractable blades that stay out of sight when the fan is not in use. In the meanwhile, the fan works as a light fixture in a variety of finish choices to match any home interior.