In the past years, it seems that technology has managed to reach completely new dimensions and that is not a secret to anyone. Each and every aspect of our lives is influenced by automatic system, not to mention that we have become increasingly more dependent of our gadgets. From neat stylish smart phones, to wireless speakers and intelligent software, there is nothing you can do unless you are up to date with tech novelties. Of course the above mentioned innovations are quite impressive, but how about floating speakers? This product first appeared some years ago and knew an incredible breakthrough, especially because of its looks and the modern technology it is built up on: magnetic levitation. Although it has been used before for several other items, this method has only reached public attention recently. If you are curious or interested in buying such a device, then you may want to check some Bluetooth speakers review, in order to understand better their evolution and the features you will benefit from.

How did it all start?

Speakers have always been a popular device. And while years ago the most powerful and performing one had impressive dimensions, things have started to change gradually. To begin with, manufacturers made them portable, reducing their dimensions so that you can carry them with you wherever you go. After that, they removed the wires – wireless products became the most trending thing in terms of gadgets. But since the industry is so dynamic, people wanted more so manufacturers had to comply with these requirements. Thus, they went the extra mile and evolved to floating speakers, through magnetic levitation. A Taiwanese company had the first initiative and although the device did hover in the air, it was not completely functional. World’s first functional Bluetooth levitating speaker was launched about two years ago and in spite of its performance, it was rather basic. The following devices had many other features, including a subwoofer that streamlined the quality of sound. This means that there are probably more developments to come in the following period, so stay tuned to see what happens.

What happened to design?

Of course that a levitating speaker is already spectacular due to the fact that part of it can hover (almost) freely in the air. But and people started to get used to this “illusion” and manufacturers wanted to bring constant improvements, which is why they had to come up with something new. So, while the first product features a base and a spherical part floating above, things evolved and now you are likely to find differently shaped devices. Some look like UFOs, while others are even themed and customized. The Star Wars – Dead Star speaker, for instance, has known a huge popularity from the moment it was released. There is also a baseball edition, for those passionate about sports. As you can see, manufacturers are willing to make improvements to their devices, in order to answer their customers’ demands.