Google Glass is a piece of technology that will have a huge impact on wearable computing because it’s an item that promises great innovation. After being an item that was only available for very few individuals, Google Glass is now available to everyone, but the question that remains is whether or not is it worth buying it.

  • Without a doubt, Google Glass is a great piece of technology that attracts you from the moment you hear about it. In short terms, what it does is it puts a smartphone into a pair of glasses frames and displays the images on a 25-inch screen that appears in the users’ vision. By wearing this gadget, you will be able to search the internet, make a call, send a text message, or any other smartphone application without using your hands and within seconds. The technologies used in designing Google Glass are the most advanced that ensure rapidity and accuracy. You can even take photos and record videos that you can later upload on YouTube, all in a few seconds. Considering all these facilities and the ease of use, you will certainly think that Google Glass will be a worthy investment, but you will still have to consider another important aspect, which is the price.
  • As said before, you will have to keep in mind the price of this innovative gadget, which is not a small one. The starting price is $1,500 and it can be higher if you prescription frames or a modern pair of frames that will make you look more stylish. Reports claim that the actual price of manufacturing Google Glass is $512 and that the purchasing price that is 3 times higher is not justified. This product is designed for tech enthusiasts only to test and review it in order to allow the manufacturer to make the necessary improvements. Later, the Google Glass 2 will be launched as a better gadget at 1/3 the price of Google Glass, so you will be glad you saved yourself such an investment.
  • $1,500 is not a small price to pay for a pair of glasses, a high-tech one, it’s true, but still a pair of glasses. Add to that the fact that this product is not finished yet and that it has to suffer a series of improvements that will make it a true innovation and you will not consider it a safe investment. As an advice, we recommend that you wait for the product to be completely finished and the price to go down before considering buying your Google Glass.