Apple fans have waited so long for the iPad Mini 4 to be launched, that this gadget was one of the most sought-for units of last year. And when it was finally on the market, enthusiasts were anxious to see what it could do in addition to the latest versions and how it could improve the world of tablets. If you didn’t have the chance to lay hands on an iPad Mini 4, we made a short presentation that will clarify some of the most important details of this gadget.

  • In terms of design, the manufacturer made some serious changes that made this unit more comfortable to hold and easier to maneuver with one hand. Although the previous versions weren’t exactly titans, this one is even slimmer and smaller, which is why it was named Mini. It weighs 0.65 pounds and measures 6.1 mm in thickness, which makes it more portable and easier to maneuver.
  • There are also other improvements available with this new iPad and one of them is the 2GB of RAM on the A8 processor instead of the 1GB on the latest gadgets like the iPhone 6. Considering the excellent performance of the iPhone 6, this improvement makes the iPad Mini 4 even faster when it comes to browsing the internet or simply using the gadget.
  • The gizmo comes in a 12GB, a 16GB, and a 64 GB version with prices starting at $399 and if you add to these changes an 8-megapixel rear camera and a faster WiFi, you will me impressed with the performance of this device. Although the front camera is still a 1.2-megapixel one, it has a f/2.2 aperture that makes the photos look better. As for software, the iPad Mini 4 uses the latest iOS 9 that offers plenty of benefits. You can easily leap in and out of apps and go from one web page to another, thanks to the Picture-in-Picture mode, although the smalls screen might seem too small for the Spil View option.
  • Although the screen is smaller than the one on the iPad Air 2, it gives you more pixel density on the 7.9-inch screen so the images will be clearer and more eye-popping. Also, this device no longer has the tiny gap between the arsenic-free glass and the display panel as it is now combined into a single laminated panel. This translates as better viewing angles and more crispness. The sound is also better, considering it comes from small speakers, but the overall result will be pleasant to your ears.