No matter where you go, you are likely to see promotional products. Why do businesses still use them? Are they any good? Companies would not insist on using this merchandise if it were not effective. They represent a great addition to the marketing plan and they do not cost that much. What about you? If you are not using promo products, you should start right now. People absolutely love free gifts and nothing shows better that you care than a high-end promotional item. Remember when we said that giveaways are not expensive. Well, some of them are a little bit pricier. So, are they worth the investment? Taking into consideration that they are new and innovative, yes. People are far more likely to appreciate a high-end gadget than a fruit basket. If you are looking to make a good impression on your consumers, include these items on your list.

Stainless steel tumbler

The stainless steel tumbler does not impress in terms of technology. However, it does impress in terms of practicality. The tumbler has a copper insulation, which is the reason why users are able to drink hot drinks for 8 hours or more. Another thing worth mentioning is the construction. To be more precise, it prevents condensation on the outside. Compared to single-use plastic tumblers, stainless steel ones are superior. Since you will be making a financial effort for the sake of your business, you should invest in high-end tumblers. You will not regret spending your money on them.

Speaker and power bank

When looking to buy high-end promotional products, it is important not to forget about the speaker and power bank. Speakers appeal to all people, no matter the age.  Besides the fact that it is not necessary to connect the speaker to the sound system, there is the possibility to enjoy the preferred type of music. The fact of the matter is that everyone on your list will be thrilled to receive a wireless speaker. If you are going to order speakers, do not settle for just about anything. Look for gadgets that feature a power bank. The power bank charges compatible devices. Devices of this type are perfect for the home and office.

Activity tracker

Companies spend time perfecting their products and services, so as to meet the needs of customers. What they do not know is that individuals care more about the quality of service than the offering. If you want consumers to keep using your products and services, then you might want to be generous with the promo items. An activity tracker is a great gadget to include on your giveaway list. This wearable device functions just like a computer application, recording the user’s daily physical activity and other information relating to health and wellbeing. If your existing clients like to take part in sport in exercise, then they will appreciate the activity tracker. The device bears your company logo, so every time that the person uses the activity tracker, they will be reminded of you.