The agriculture industry now enjoys many advanced technologies that completely change the way things work. Luckily for farmers who are willing to evolve, there are many impressive technological advancements going on, like the following ones we considered to be very useful.


Thanks to this technology, farmers will be able to use their phone to see where their machines are operating, the fuel level of each vehicle, how much crop has been harvested, and even if a component is about to break down. The Telematics products allow navigation, location, and other data to be transmitted easily from and to farm machinery so the efficiency of the equipment will be increased. Many companies work together to provide farmers with the latest features in term of data transfer and the latest software development platform that will allow companies to use wireless networks, data transfer, fast internet, and remote support.

Biological pest control

This technology will become more and more popular among farmers looking for healthy ways to fight pest that is threatening their crops. Advanced technologies are allowing companies to multiply beneficial organism in their attempt to develop new biologicals. There are many products already available on the market for those who need to protect their crops using natural pest control. Biofungicides, Harpin Alpha Beta protein, seed treatments, and water soluble seed polymer are only few of the many biologicals that are already being used by big companies.

Soil and crop sensors

Many of the equipment used in farms nowadays has been enhanced with smart sensors that can detect several details regarding the condition of a plant from the water it needs to the amount of nitrogen it should receive. Then the sensors send the data to the machinery that perform the operations so there will be no waste. The latest sensor technology is being used in irrigation to measure the water needs of plants and avoid situations when they receive too much or too little water. Sensor technology is also able to measure soil features like pH or the organic matter content.

Led grow lights

The agriculture industry has always had problems with growing plants indoors because they didn’t receive enough sunlight and warmth to allow them to develop as productive as outdoors. This is no longer a problem thanks to the led grow lights that have revolutionized the industry by managing to provide plants with the right amount of light they need.