Since the oldest times people have competed against other people for glory and gold. Nowadays this competition is known under the name of sport, because people had to find a way to do it in a civilized way. They have worked so hard on making it civilized, that now they are able to do it from the front of their desk. So, welcome to eSports, the professional league of video gaming. In this industry, even teenagers are earning a lot of money because they can play these games very well. But if you have never heard about it, you might not know what a website like DingIt TV has to offer. There are many teams, players and games, but if you still not find it interesting enough to try it, then you should know some of the following thing. They will totally convince you that eSports is the future of gaming.

Esports is not as young as you might think

You might not believe but the first video game competition took place in 1980, and competitive gaming began to become famous in the 1990s, being facilitated by the wider internet connectivity. Over 10 000 players were attracted by the Space Invaders Tournament. The winner was Bill Heinman, who later developed Interplay.

Esports is more than Starcraft and Dota

If you are taking a look at the eSports tendencies, you will notice that they are focused around real-time strategy games and first person shooters. But alongside these games, there are also organized annual Pokemon World Championships and Classic Tetris World Championship.

Should you see eSports as an official sport?

If it were to talk about the US, then you should know that in 2013 the State Department recognized players to be professional athletes. This was done with the purpose to grant them visas. For some people this means that it is an official sport. And why should you not think the same, because pro gaming requires practice, skill, dedication, talent, strategic thought and focus. This can be seen similar to chess, which is recognized now as official sport by the International Olympic Committee.

It is a great business

It does not matter if people see it as an official sport or not, the competitions from all around the world were able to offer prizes, which cumulated are more than $210 million. There are three top games that offer amazing prizes, Starcraft II, League of Legends and Dota 2. In the world, many channels are dedicated to eSports. So if you are interested in finding more about it, then you should look for the most famous one in your region, and check what information they offer. The fact is that people love to see other people playing games, and if it were to look at the statistics, people have watched over 800 million hours of online gaming in the last 10 months. This is a major sign that this industry is a great business, for the ones who are interested on online gaming.