You should pay attention to a few essentials when you choose your business cloud backup provider in order to maintain your data safe and away from competition. Finding a trustworthy provider for such services is difficult. After all, we are discussing data which altered or corrupted might have destructive consequences for you and your enterprise. Providers like offer services for you and your company in order to have a secure storage as well as an easy access to all of your files at any given time. Below are a few guidelines to follow before setting for a provider.

1. End to end encryption

End to end encryption is an essential feature for your business cloud backup pack. This way you will be certain no one besides you and your company’s employees have access to the data, without the risk of accidental leakage of information. Data encryption is necessary to take place before even backing up the information.

2. Short intervals between backups

You want all your files to be up to date at any given time. So according to the frequency at which they are modified, you could choose longer or shorter intervals. Our advice for you is to opt for shorter intervals, because accidents happen unscheduled. Personalize your backup settings in order to be able to have your data backed up even if you are near your laptop (on a lunch break, for example) as long as it is still running.

3. Local backup is important

You want to make sure that your provider has a desktop or smartphone version for their cloud platform in order for you and your employees to have your files easily modified and updated. Furthermore, this way you can have access to your data in situations like a meeting without the necessity of an external storage drive.

4. Live backup reports

Of course, you can still have periodic backup reports at a preset schedule, but real-time reports and statistics are important for you and your employees to know you have your data permanently updated.

5. Look for platforms that let you personalize your experience

Another essential is to be able to manage your account at your own desire. For example, as an administrator, you could lock down settings and set default ones for your entire enterprise.

Here are a few guidelines for you in order to be sure you make the right decision when looking for providers of business backup cloud services.