Have you ever wondered what else can you do with your phone rather than simply playing or checking out what’s new on Facebook? There are plenty of options you have besides using your phone as a mere toy. It can become a powerful and useful tool given the fact that nowadays you can find mobile phones that are capable of the same things a laptop is. Spending a little fortune on a phone and ignoring its function and abilities would be a total waste. Doing productive things with such a gadget might transform your life radically making it easier and more entertaining. Try doing this instead killing time on your device:

Gather information

First thing you’ll want to do is find out as many things as possible with the help of your phone. The only thing you need is a strong Internet connection and everything else will follow. Don’t worry if you do not have access to Internet though: helplines are here to help you. For instance, contact Sky services and any contact details you might need in the respective moment will be provided to you if the organization or company you are looking for is in their data base. Yet, when Internet is active, make good use of social media and instead of posting a new picture of your lunch food try looking for information about the things you are interested in. Where that restaurant you love is located? When your favourite nightclub does open? Check out reviews and opinions about each place you are going to visit and stay in touch with news regarding any field you might be interested in. 


Planning your day or even week ahead couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is access your calendar and check out dates you’d like to organize. Build to do lists and don’t forget to mark them accomplished each time you do what you planned doing. Notes are a great way to keep track of information you thought you’ll forget. That’s way easier than carrying a pen and a notebook next to you at all times, doesn’t it?


Checking emails is something the majority of people want to do online with the help of a personal computer. That is no longer necessary given the fact that email apps for mobile phones became more responsive that the actual websites for desktops. You will be amazed how easily is to keep track of your emails from the comfort of your own hand. Just download the app and check out its features.


Reading books on your phone might seem like an activity you didn’t thought about before. Well, actual books are now less looked for because technology took over and downloading a free eBook and opening it on your phone saves you a lot of money and a trip to library. You can find plenty of free books online, but if you want to buy one the process is as simple as it could ever be. You are just a few taps away from enjoying a good read.