The way that apps are being developed is constantly changing and evolving. In today’s world, new is always better, and customers are always seeking for new apps that can entertain them in improve their lives. In order to satisfy this growing demand for new apps, developers had to come up with new and easier ways to make apps. A big step forward was represented by the appearance of Parse, a backend-as-a-service provider that offered customizable development services. Unfortunately Parse had a short life span, but once it was removed from the market, its place was taken by numerous hosted Parse solution providers. Today, we are going to show you how such a service can help you build, host and manage apps with an open source Parse server.

Get the server performance that you need

An open source Parse solution can satisfy the hosting needs of different types of apps. The best ones can support smart database indexes, query optimizer, redundant storage capacity, automatic backups and much more.

Versatile features

In order to make the backend development process as easy and as smooth as possible, a quality Parse solution will come with a lot of smart features such as automatic e-mails, pushing notifications, social integration, Cron Jobs and much more. We recommend the back4app open source Parse server that takes care of the most troublesome development tasks. For example, with this service, you can use an API console to easily access all REST API functions, so that you can perform debugs or configure the API without writing any code whatsoever. Moreover, the web0based Dashboard allows for different types of data manipulation in order to check analytics or schedule notifications.

Plan ahead for all platforms

You may start with a mobile app, but if things go well, in the future you may want to also make your app available for desktops or even for internet-connected appliances or other sorts of gadgets. A Parse solution can easily be customized for different types of platforms, so that you don’t have to start from scratch in order to make your app available on other platforms.

Tips and Support

When choosing a Parse server solution, you should consider one which offers you different types of support, in order to make your server transition as smooth as possible. Make sure that the service that you choose will provide you with project examples, and accurate documentation, as well as live support so that you can make the most of the chosen service.

Before, Parse servers, each step of the development process had to configured manually. Parse represents a sort of automated backend solution that simplifies the lives of all app developers.