When you want to establish a brand for your business, you know that you have to combine the name, logo and color to help your clients identify your products are being part of the brand. The brand image is the one that helps your products differentiate of the other ones from the market, and help your buyers identify them. Your brand is the identity of your company, and a great tool in promoting your brand is a customized rubber stamp. If you do not have one, then you should check the a1corp offers, because it is important to see your options, before choosing one. The stamp can prove extremely useful if you choose direct mail marketing, because you will not have to spend your time in signing every one of the letters you send.

You give a personal touch to your correspondence

In the majority of cases, customers choose to work with the companies that seem to pay attention to details. Therefore, you can choose to send direct mails, instead of the online ones, because there are greater chances to be read by the receiver.       In this way, you will connect with your clients on the personal level. Moreover, you may have the impression that you will have to spend a lot of time in signing every one of the letters, but you have the possibility to customize your stamp with your signature, and the name of your firm and you can ask one of your employees to stamp the correspondence for you.

People would have increased trust in your brand

People are more concerned for their privacy nowadays, considering the latest digital attacks, therefore, they may not open your emails, even if you send them amazing offers. But they will not have trust issues when it comes to receiving a direct mail. They will definitely open it, and if you put your stamp on the envelope, they will trust that you have sent them a reliable letter. In the majority of cases a fancy email with added bonuses are seen as red flags, and people do not usually buy when they receive this type of offer. However, if you add extra information and offers through a direct mail, people would consider them reliable and they will use the services and products offered by your company. Customers are bound to trust a direct mail stamped with your company logo and signature, and you will notice how your sales increase, if you try this type of marketing strategy.