Recently launched, the new Google Pixel XL seems to be more intelligent, flexible and fast than the large majority of Android smartphones launched lately. Offering a new experience for its users, it seems to bring the concept of intuitive and emphatic devices to another level. With great improvements in terms of interface, a great camera, tech support services incorporated, fast navigation apps, it is defined by many as the Android experience at its finest. Furthermore, as you might have already guessed, Google accessories have already been developed and ready to use for eager customers. Below are some incredible features that might please all Android fans and might make the competition want to steal some of them.

Smart, flexible and intuitive interface

The magic has happened and a smartphone developer has really thought about customers and their experience. However, the Google team managed to make out of their new Google Pixel XL smartphone a direct competitor of iPhone, simplifying and making its interface a lot more intelligent than previously managed to do on their devices. A simplified search bar, now looking like a Goggle button, makes a real difference savings serious space on user’s displays. Also, the capacity of ditching the apps and swiping through them a lot easier surely contributes to user’s experience a lot. Furthermore, users will be thrilled to find out that Android 7.1’s shortcut feature is exclusively used on this smart device for the moment.

Fast, intuitive camera and gallery

Instagram enthusiasts, beware! This new camera incorporated is some of the smartest and flexible available currently, incorporating a lot of handy features, like the on-screen exposure control, white balance control, to Google’s suggestion in terms of the best shot takes. Intriguing enough, a white dot will appear on top of the shot from a series, Google thinks is the best. Therefore, if you always needed an advisor in terms of “What’s my best shot?”, here comes your silent little helper! Also, this camera uses stabilization algorithms, which ensures users they’ll take the best pictures possible.

24/7 tech support services incorporated for all users

Looking forward to making their customer’s experience more enjoyable and easy, the Google team incorporated in their fresh product a service available all around the clock when in doubt in terms of features or settings. Plus, if you are willing, someone from tech support may take control of your screen if you have trouble dealing with your new smartphone.

Your personal assistant under the form of Allo Assistant

Need a specific mail from your Gmail account? Well, the smart assistant Pixel XL has incorporated may help you. You can make it search for specific mails by a series of terms and you will be stunned by the great job it can do for you. Also, this is the perfect tool for always keeping up with weather, your appointments, your TV series, even. This little “intruder” might really come in hand for someone with a busy or chaotic schedule.

Here are the best features we could identify. However, make sure you give those accessories a shot as well. They might also improve your experience.