Cleaning is not seen as an enjoyable thing, but more as a necessity. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun when cleaning the house. Take your time to check out the latest innovations in cleaning devices to find one or two household gadgets that can help you clean your house in a record time. These devices, as presented below, include several features that turn cleaning into an easy and fun process.

Robot vacuum

If you are looking for a way to keep your house clean and give it a fresh look, then consider investing in a powerful robot vacuum cleaner. According to the most recent robot vacuum cleaner reviews, the Samsung POWERbot VR9000 is one of the most efficient robotic vacuums. This robot vacuum cleaner excels at the cleaning category as it can pick debris from all types of surfaces like carpets, hardwood floors or kitchen tiles.

The latest 2016 robot vacuum cleaner reviews report that this device is not only very easy to use, but highly efficient, even from an energy consumption point of view. The innovative navigation system is an impressive feature that allow it to navigate safely around your house and clean the entire surface without bumping into obstacles. As long as you make sure to empty the debris containers after every use and keep the vacuum cleaner at full battery, you will simply love using the Samsung POWERbot VR9000.

Robotic pool cleaner

The main difference between a manual pool cleaner and an automatic pool cleaner is the fact that the latter is more effective when it comes to making your pool sparkling clean. There are many products to choose from so do your research before buying one. The can prove to be very helpful for comparing the features of different pool cleaners. We recommend the Solar Breeze Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner, an efficient and easy to use robotic pool cleaner that can help you keep your pool cleaner with solar power. This way you can save energy, time, money and most importantly protect the Earth. This particular model includes a single debris tray that consists of a plastic tray and coarse grid molded over a fine mesh filter screen made of stainless steel. Emptying the debris compartment will be much easier now.

Floor mopping robot

Keeping your hardwood floors and kitchen or bathroom tiles sparkling clean at all times may seem like a difficult task and it’s not always recommended to spend hours bending over to clean and mop your floors, as you can have some serious back pains afterwards. Consider investing in a robotic mopping cleaner, like the iRobot Braava that mops the floors so that you won’t have to it no longer. This model uses microfiber cleaning cloths that can removed and replaced when they get dirty and can no longer be used. In addition to that, the iRobot Braava features the Pro-Clean System, a long lasting battery and other features that allow the Braava cleaner to clean multiple rooms in one cleaning cycle.