Some people believe that writing some articles or blogs that contain certain keywords is all what SEO implies. However, they could not have been any more wrong than this. There are some important aspects that writers of SEO articles have to take into account the moment they start their work. Many businesspersons have understood the importance of Search Engine Optimization Marketing for their companies. For this reason, they are working only with professional and reliable agencies that provide this type of services and one good example of such agencies is Here are the main five secrets to perfectly written SEO articles.

Keyword research – a priority     

Keyword research is an important element in this industry and writers have to take this into serious consideration the moment they start writing those articles. It is necessary to do proper keyword research, so make sure the keywords or phrases you are going to include in those articles are the ones people search for the moment they access Google or any other search engine.

Put those keywords to work

It is not enough just to use the keywords once or twice in your article and consider it properly written, because this will not bring you the desired result. The main keyword should also be included in the title of your blog and in the beginning and ending of your article as well in order to make sure they stand out to the eyes of your readers. People search for a specific phrase because they want to learn more about that thing, so placing it in the most important places in your article is mandatory.

 Make the article long enough to count

When writing an article, 150 words might seem like enough, especially on a subject that does not offer you too much to say about. However, it is important to remember that search engines tend to rank higher longer articles and blogs. It is recommended to write articles that are at least 350 words, but keep in mind that this should not be the limit. If the subject allows you, you can write even 500 words or even more. The most popular blog posts are more than 1500 words, since it has been proven that search engines tend to give preference to those “in-depth” articles.

Edit your work

The main difference between professional SEO article writers and other people is an eye for spotting possible mistakes. It is highly important to read the article from beginning to end after you have written it, because there might be some grammar mistakes that you have missed while being focused too much on the content. If you use programs such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs or OpenOffice, this should not be a concern, since those green and red squiggles that appear beneath some words can help you understand which words or phrases need revising or need to be changed.

As you can see, these are the main four secrets for properly writing SEO blogs and articles that experts reveal to those who want to enter this industry.