More often than often, enterprises make great efforts to provide a good customer service. Customers believe that they are just as competent as support technicians are and they do not refrain from expression their opinions. Therefore, help desk technicians have to be equipped with knowledge and the ability to handle human interactions. What they have to do is provide a responsive service and assists customers with various issues, like password resetting. As a matter of fact, 90% of help desk calls are related to password reset and each call costs the enterprise a lot of money. A good way to reduce costs and help desk requests is to set up enterprise password management. Read on to learn how such a solution improves your help desk service.

Making password reset a self-service

The average person has a number of passwords and it is not surprising that they forget some key words, especially since they do not bother to write them down. This kind of issue is troublesome for help desk technicians. Thanks to enterprise password management, customers can reset their passwords securely, instead of contacting you to do it for them. The administrator provides the employee or domain user access to a Web-based self-service portal. Having a policy in place that allows users to help themselves decreases user downtime. This means that they will not be locked out of their systems or be unable to work for a significant amount of time.

Reducing help desk calls via password management

Businesses choose enterprise password management to grant users independence and to reduce the number of routine calls related to password reset. The system empowers domain users, so they will not really need to seek help from your help desk technicians. Depending on the demands of your organization, incoming help desk calls can be reduced with as much as 30%-40%.  Even if users are not familiar with this alternative for solving the problem, they will get used it with time. The centralized system not only reduces routine calls, but also increases help desk response on important calls.

Enforced credential service

Due to the fact that end users do not have to write down complex sequences of characters, their security is not compromised. The interface makes it easy for users to authenticate with an alternate key word and they are not likely to call the help desk. You have to actively register everyone at the company for the enterprise password management. Even if there is suspicious activity, your employees and the IT technicians are notified right away. The password manager is similar to a digital vault, meaning that it is safe and secure.

Deploying additional help desk employees is not necessary to handle the large volume of tickets for login password resets. All you have to do is set in place a self-service system. You will see that in a short period of time the operation efficiency of your business will considerably increase and you will no longer have to deal with budgetary constraints.