Hair salons can be quite a profitable business if you know how to manage it properly, but there are periods sometimes when no matter how well organized you and your employees might be, the salon turns into a little chaos. You need to keep track of all appointments and, at the same time, to monitor your stocks in order to ensure you are not left without certain high demand products. The right solution for you in this case is salon scheduling software. Here are the main perks that come with this app.

Better customer management

It’s the era of technology after all, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of the latest gadgets and apps available in order to digitalize your hair salon and make things a thousand times easier for you and your staff. A salon scheduling app can significantly improve your workflow. There’s this classical scenario: all your employees use the same method to keep track of appointments – a notebook where they write each and every booking from their customers. Imagine how things would turn out if one of the employees forgets to write down an appointment or doesn’t write down all the details of that appointment. Everything will turn into chaos when the customer comes to the hair salon. An app can simplify things and make them run smoothly. There will be no more misread information or forget-to-write details.

Better inventory management

Salon software is not only designed to help you keep track of your appointments and customers, but also of the products you use, such as hair dyes, shampoos, conditioners and other beauty products, as well as various accessories such as hairclips and hairpins. It can be quite frustrating to have everything written down on a piece of paper and having to check or cross every time one of these products is used. This takes a great deal of time that can be easily used in other more productive purposes! An app can solve this for you by providing better inventory management for your hair salon. All you have to do is train your employees on how to use the app.

Better business advertising

Besides helping you with customer and inventory management, this salon software can be used as a marketing tool. After all, if customers that walk into your beauty salon see that everyone there is extremely well organized and that never has an appointment been mistaken or overlaid with another appointment, they will automatically praise you to their friends and acquaintances. Believe it or not, word of mouth marketing is still a very powerful tool that you should take into account.

Bonus tip:

With a beauty salon app, you can keep track of your customers by monitoring the frequency to which they come to your salon and depending on this aspect, you can surprise them with various small gifts every once in a while. The app can remind you when it is time you offered them a loyalty gift. It’s a great method to keep customers satisfied.