You might have started to trade with bitcoins from simple curiosity, because you have heard about this new currency on the market. This is one of the common cases when it comes to bitcoins, because people are not afraid of playing some money, in trying something new to see if it would be successful. But, when you notice that you have a couple of bitcoins, you might start wondering if you could hold them in your hand at a certain point. This is a common feeling for every bitcoin user, and once you consider that you have enough, you start looking for a way to transform bitcoins to cash. In case you do not already know you can spend the bitcoins when doing online shopping, but in case you want to transform them in money, here are some simple tips that would prove very helpful.

Choose a direct trade

Selling bitcoin is more common than trading with it, and there are three ways you can do this. The first one is when you are selling them through an online platform, which offers this type of service. You can find on the internet many online platforms that allow you to register as a seller. They would require verifying your identity, and once you have created an account you would be able to post your offer, and alert the interested buyers. The website would alert you when a buyer wants to contact you, and from this point on, your interaction could be off site. However, you have to keep in mind that you would have to complete the trade with the help of the website.

Opt for exchange trade

This is other way of selling bitcoins, and you would have to register on a website that offers this type of services. These online platforms would act as an intermediary that hold your funds and you would have to place your offer, state the amount of bitcoin you want to sell, and the type of currency you want to receive. When someone would place a matching order, the transaction would be completed, and you would receive the currency in your account.

Consider using a peer-to-peer trading marketplace

The goal of these websites is to bring together two categories of bitcoin users. The first group would be the one which wants to use bitcoins to purchase goods or services online, and who are using websites that do not accept other currency than this one. The other group is the one of users, as you are, who want to sell bitcoins and to receive effective money for them. The marketplace in this situation would act as an intermediary, and you would have to post the amount you are willing to sell. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that when using this option, you would have to make a discount at the price you are selling your bitcoins, because the buyers would have to pay an extra fee to the marketplace, and if you list them at a high price, they would look for another seller.