Drug addiction is a growing issue in today’s society, with more young people resorting to illegal substance abuse and dealing with worrying health issues or even death. Considering the easy access we have nowadays to technology and social media, these can be used to one’s advantage when they are in the position of fighting an addiction. Full recovery isn’t an easy thing to achieve, and while going to rehab is a must, you can find other coping mechanisms that can support your journey as well. Here are the ways in which social media as well as technology can be used on the matter:

Spreading awareness and accessing information

Let’s start with the power social media has in spreading awareness and grant you access to extensive information on all sorts of topics. Through the right social media channel, you can connect with others in your situation, read about the experiences and struggles of others and thus acquire the moral support you need as well as a push to remediate your situation. You can find out what holistic rehabs say about drug addiction and find out what types of treatments they promote, or you can follow the post-recovery journey of a previous addict who is posting inspirational feed – all through social media.

Digital support groups

Nowadays, you have access to apps that give you the chance to get in touch and create a network consisting of people going through the same problem as you. Attending support groups is an essential part of recovery and that is one of Johnny the Healer’s advices on healing, but often, it can be difficult to actually find the time to attend these gathering. The right apps take this traditional format into a digital alternative, being far more convenient for many and just as effective.

Virtual reality

VR has started to be used by some specialists in the addiction recovery process of patients. Although the effects of virtual reality practices aren’t exactly 100 percent proven to work, positive outcomes have however been noted by experts employing this technique.

While technology nor social media might entirely help you treat your drug problem, they can be become useful tools in your recovery journey, as long as you know how to use them to your advantage. The ideas mentioned above have been widely targeted by those who want to take drug addiction recovery to new levels. Combine the use of technology and what social media has to offer with holistic treatment plans, and your healing process can become far more bearable and effective.