When doing search engine optimization, many people resort to publishing the same article on numerous blogs, thinking that this way they will drive more traffic to their website. People that resort to this kind practice lack SEO experience as they would know that they can be penalized for having duplicate content. Surprising or not, Google has the power to make a blog disappear from its search results in a matter of seconds. You cannot use the same content for a large number of websites without violating copywriting. On the other hand, can you? Well, there is technology out there like Tocuweb that help you avoid getting on the naughty list, so you do not need to fear that you will destroy your SERP results.

How republishing content on other blogs damages your SEO

It is important to understand that republishing an article on a large number of websites can hurt your search engine optimization efforts. It is common knowledge that Google throws the book at those online platforms that have duplicate content. The point is that even if the beginning you witness an increase in website traffic, you will lose all the visitors you have in one month if the search engine discovers you have republished content. What happens is that you disappear as you did not existed in the first place. Despite the fact that copy/pasting posts is a common practice, you should avoid it at all costs. Not only are you not going to be ranked above your competitor, but also your website will disappear altogether.

This is how Google works

Maybe you are curious to learn how exactly Google identifies content that is not unique. Well, the answer is simple. Googlebots visit the website and part of their mission is to compare the content with what is present in the database. If more than one matches are found, you can be sure that it will be classified as duplicate. What is interesting to note is that major updates are released every now and then, the result being that your rankings will be significantly affected. What happens is that you will make effort to become popular in search engine results once again. What you have to keep in mind is that the search engine is intelligent and it is not possible to trick it very easily.

Republishing an article the right way

If you genuinely do not have the time to write original articles, you may want to consider using software applications. Some specific technologies replace the letters in the text, the result being that you have two distinct ones. This is a good solution for those who simply do not have the time to rewrite their content so that it passes plagiarism tests. You have the possibility of reposting in numerous sites and it is worth mentioning that you will generate good traffic this way. You can create as many articles as you need and you can rest assured that your keywords and hyperlinks will remain exactly the same. This practice is recommendable as you are not actually fooling the search engine.