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Author: Larry Bayley

Learn about Audi Q5’s tech features

  You don’t need to read studies to know that car technology is very important to consumers. People are placing more and more importance on the technological features when choosing a vehicle to purchase or lease. What consumers want basically are rides that are able to navigate without too much human input. Chances are that you too are looking for such a car. You don’t have to look too far.  The new Audi Q5 is here, so you don’t have to wait to get the features you want. You can buy as well as used. The used Audi Q5...

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Digitalizing a hair salon with an app – here are the perks

Hair salons can be quite a profitable business if you know how to manage it properly, but there are periods sometimes when no matter how well organized you and your employees might be, the salon turns into a little chaos. You need to keep track of all appointments and, at the same time, to monitor your stocks in order to ensure you are not left without certain high demand products. The right solution for you in this case is salon scheduling software. Here are the main perks that come with this app. Better customer management It’s the era of technology after all, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of the latest gadgets and apps available in order to digitalize your hair salon and make things a thousand times easier for you and your staff. A salon scheduling app can significantly improve your workflow. There’s this classical scenario: all your employees use the same method to keep track of appointments – a notebook where they write each and every booking from their customers. Imagine how things would turn out if one of the employees forgets to write down an appointment or doesn’t write down all the details of that appointment. Everything will turn into chaos when the customer comes to the hair salon. An app can simplify things and make them run smoothly. There will be...

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Tips for the right CMS system

  Content management system, or shortly known as CMS, is a very powerful, yet extremely useful tool that helps you turn your unorganized and chaotic business into a more streamlined one, that is also more robust and productive. It is worth mentioning that the number of CMSs is quite large and it still continues to increase today, which makes it quite difficult for people to opt for the system that perfectly suits their needs and interests. Also, it is recommended to select a professional hosting provider once the website is launched, and Com Web Hosting is one very good...

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How to make good use of your mobile phone

  Have you ever wondered what else can you do with your phone rather than simply playing or checking out what’s new on Facebook? There are plenty of options you have besides using your phone as a mere toy. It can become a powerful and useful tool given the fact that nowadays you can find mobile phones that are capable of the same things a laptop is. Spending a little fortune on a phone and ignoring its function and abilities would be a total waste. Doing productive things with such a gadget might transform your life radically making it...

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Why everyone nowadays needs an extended battery charger case

  When buying a smartphone, everyone has their unique selection criteria and features to look for in their new gadget. However, there is always one element that can be found on everyone’s criteria list and that is the phone’s battery life. You have probably been at least once in the frustrating situation where your phone died at a very critical moment and you were desperately looking for a solution. One of the accessories you must purchase along with your smartphone is an extended battery charger case and one great online store to find these items is Mobile Mob. Here’s...

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