If you are a fan of technology and innovation in general, the car brand you need to follow up is Audi. Their cars are simply mesmerizing and they become better and better with each model that is launched on the market. One of the models that you should focus your attention on is the Q5. Even though this is a pricy car, you can go for it and buy it as a used one. Cars that are this qualitative don’t lose their features if they had a previous owner who treated them well enough. The Audi Q5 options will make you fall in love with this car from the very start and a budget shouldn’t be your limit in this case. This is a car that is totally worth it, especially if you are a car lover.  What makes the Audi Q5 the best option right now? See below a list of features and specs that will definitely make you want one:

Engine and other basic details

The price of this car can reach up to $45000 when bought new and this is the main reason why many people opt for buying a used car. Think about this possibility before making a decision you will regret later. The car comes in a four-door version that has room for five passengers. The engine on the Audi Q5 is a strong one, being a 2.0 litre turbo-charge engine, with a four-cylinder set up that can give the amazing sensation of almost 260 horsepower. The car is equipped with a seven-speed automatic transmission and a gasoline direct-injection fuel system. The engine type is TFSI and has included the Audi brand valve-lift system that everyone knows about nowadays. You will have the opportunity to use the sport program of the transmission that will make something amazing out of your day-by-day driving routine. The manual shift mode is available too in case you love to drive as a full experience.

Looks, power, safety

The wheels and tires give this car a powerful look , as Audi promised its clients. The panoramic sunroof will give you the best feeling ever, especially because it can be tilted or slide after your own preferences. The glass used here has sunshade power so don’t get nervous about it bothering you while driving. The deep-tinted glass used for the Audi Q5 is all that drivers ever wanted in terms of aspect and performance.