Most homeowners who need to take care of their lawn use a regular lawn mower that they push along the lawn as the machine cuts the grass and collects it in the bag. The best lawn mower reviews suggest that classic walk behind mowers are the best choice for small yards, while riding mowers are recommended for bigger yards. But the industry is now experiencing a new trend consisting in robot lawn mowers that cut the grass without the need of human assistance. Despite how attractive and interesting this might sound, the robot lawn mower raises some questions regarding its true efficiency, so we analyzed it in detail in order to determine whether or not it’s any good.

  • The first advantage of a robot mower is its independence in cutting the grass on its own without any help from you. All you have to do is set it to start and you can perform another chore while this smart device cuts the grass in your yard. Busy people who don’t have enough time to mow their lawns are the most impressed with the robot mowers. This ability of the robot lawn mower to work on its own is perhaps its only advantage over the regular lawn mower.
  • You may wonder how can the robot know where it has already mowed and which areas it needs to pass over. According to the best lawn mower reviews, such a mower uses multiple sensors that scan the lawn so it will know how much it has to keep going. It rarely gets stuck in objects found along the lawn as it uses sensors that allow the robot lawn mower to detect obstacles in its path. All the models include a shut-off sensor that turns them off in case they tilt back, which is when you will have to come and put them back on track.
  • A huge disadvantage of the robot mowers is the small size and the small blades that make it slower and less efficient than the regular mower. If you take a look at lawn mower reviews, you will see that you can finish mowing a large size lawn in around 20 minutes or less, which is very impressive. A robot mower can take as long as 16 hours if the area is large and the grass is high. There are also models that can take around 2 and a half hours to get the job done, but it’s still significantly more than with a regular lawn mower.
  • Bottom line, if you need a device that will cut the grass without any effort from you, the robot lawn mower will be just right for you. Still, it will take much more time than with the regular lawn mower and many people are skeptical when it comes to self-dependent machines.