When it comes to choosing a smartphone, you basically have to choose between Android and Ios, as Blueberry or Windows phones are not so popular anymore. While both companies provide many extraordinary benefits for their users, some people prefer using one operating system over the other, because they think it suits them best. To help you choose between these two popular operating system, we’ve listed the main advantages and disadvantages of these systems.

Android offers more functional apps

Android has many convenient and useful applications that you can find on Google or other platforms, so you will definitely enjoy scrolling through the infinite list that contains apps like TrueCaller, Tasker or SmartSpends and many more. Some of the most important apps that you can find on google do not work at all on an iPhone, so you are strictly limited to using AppStore to download a number of apps.

Android is more affordable than IOS

Apple products are generally very expensive, so not many people can afford them. This is also one of the main factors why Apple products are so desired. However, if you take into consideration the sums of money that you have to pay for Apple products and implicitly the accessories such as a simple charging cable, you will definitely prefer opting for an Android product.

Hardware features

Phone manufactures are constantly trying to create innovative hardware features to allow the users to have more freedom when using their phone. Nowadays, you can use a smartphone to control the TV and adjust the settings or go through channels or set any other appliances in your home via your phone. Android has more hardware features to boast about because you are able to find phones with wireless charging, double-sided displays and many more.

Universal charging port

If you already own a smartphone with an operating system like android and you lose your charger all of a sudden, you can use another charger from a smartphone because there’s a high chance to match with your existing USB port. The micro-usb port is the same at almost all phone makers except for Apple.

Cross-device syncing

If you are the owner of multiple Apple products, we have a good news for you. The software allows you to sync multiple devices that are part of Apple for more convenience. You can take phone calls that come from your computer or reply from your tablet to SMSs that you receive on your phone and so on.