Apple fans tend to close their eyes at the problems of the iPhone series, but there’s no denying it when you have the product in your hands and it fails to deliver that quality you dreamed of. If you still find it a good idea to change your phone and buy the iPhone 6s, read the following lines first to find out the 5 compelling reasons not to buy this phone, and you’ll definitely reconsider your choice.

1. There’s no memory card slot

If you buy the iPhone 6s, you’d better consider how much storage memory you need the phone to have before buying it, or else you’ll be unpleasantly surprised when you’ll see that it doesn’t have a memory card slot, meaning that you can’t expand the memory of your phone. This is a real inconvenience no matter what capacity you choose the phone to come with.
All other phones on the market have this very useful memory card slot, allowing you to expand the memory of you phone with it to store more pictures, music, movies, and whatever you want on the additional memory card, but iPhone 6s doesn’t give you this option, being a really big downfall for this phone.

2. There’s no back button

One of the most annoying characteristics of the iPhone 6s is definitely the back button, being on the left top corner of the screen, instead of being on either side of the Home button, preferably the right one for your convenience. This makes it very uncomfortable to use the phone, no matter if you’re just cruising the internet or playing on it, and your hand might even slip if you’re not careful with the way you’re maneuvering it, the phone slipping from your hands and falling on the ground.

3. It’s too big for a normal pocket

The measurement for the iPhone 6s are absurd, this phone measuring 5.44 inches in length and 2.64 inches in width, which makes it impossible to fit in normal jeans. Therefore, if you don’t plan to buy new pairs of jeans for your phone to fit in them, it’s better to stick to a more compact model that won’t have you investing in clothes for it. Also, if you actually do buy new jeans specially for the phone, it’s probably time to start asking yourself what you’re doing with your life.

4. You’re stranded from the rest of the world

Another unpleasant aspect of owning an iPhone 6s is the fact that you’re limited to sending things via Bluetooth only to other people who have iPhones, this being a trait of all the phones produced by Apple. Therefore, if you’re the only one with the iPhone 6s in a group you’ll be the outsider, the only one who won’t be capable of sending or receiving pictures and music from others.
The best thing to do is to simply stick to using an Android phone, because it allows you to send anything you want to anyone who has an Android phone, being a lot more models on the market that use this mobile operating system.

5. Good luck getting the card out if you lose the key

When you buy the iPhone 6s, attached to the manual of instructions you have a small key with which you can get the slot out to insert your card. If you happen to lose that key without even realising it, and you’re in need to get the card out of the phone, unless you happen to have a very small and sharp object around like a pin, you won’t be able to get the card out. Therefore, either guard that key like it were your own child, or be prepared to carry pins with you wherever you go in case you need to get the card out.