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Author: Larry Bayley

Why your business needs a great website. And a logo

Businesses without will die out. This represents an honest alarm. In the modern world, people are on the Internet all the time. It’s much easier for consumers to get information about products and services from an online platform as opposed to brochures and leaflets. If you don’t have a website, then you have a problem. You need a digital strategy. That is if you want to take your business to the next level. Having a business website isn’t optional. Alternatives, such as Yelp listing or having a Facebook page, won’t help you very much. Keep on reading to discover...

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Keywords and other on-page SEO factors explained to anyone

  Search Engine Optimization represents a series of practices that need to be implemented for a website in order to increase both the quality and the amount of traffic attracted to this website through search engines. SEO is never the same and it is continuously changing to meet the expectations of online users each and every day. The quality and amount of traffic that can be directed to a website is affected by the accuracy of keywords used. The more specific your website keywords are, the higher the chances of attracting visitors and eventual buyers. Without specific keywords, you...

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Include these high-end promotional products on your list

  No matter where you go, you are likely to see promotional products. Why do businesses still use them? Are they any good? Companies would not insist on using this merchandise if it were not effective. They represent a great addition to the marketing plan and they do not cost that much. What about you? If you are not using promo products, you should start right now. People absolutely love free gifts and nothing shows better that you care than a high-end promotional item. Remember when we said that giveaways are not expensive. Well, some of them are a...

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SIM only deals – best partners for your phone

  You just bought a new phone and you don’t know whether to opt for a SIM only plan or a contract phone plan? Well, the solution to this problem is simpler than you thought. First of all, contract phone plans are recommended when you want to buy a new phone from them, not when you already own one. Why? With contract phone plans you pay a larger amount of money each month during the whole contractual period, but you get a free phone from the very beginning. In case you wanted a specific phone and you bought it...

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Is car technology that important?

You’d be tempted to think that car technology isn’t that important. Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that it is, especially for buyers. What people want nowadays are vehicles that are full of tech. what about car manufacturers? Well, they are striving to please consumer by offering them the latest innovations. One thing is for sure and that thing is that technology has changed the car industry forever. If you’re curious to know just how important car technology has become, then you might want to keep on reading. Technology more important than car brand As shocking as it may be, there are shoppers that favor technology and not car brand. A shopper won’t turn down a supercar like the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox SUV, but they might refuse other brands that haven’t invested in technology. By the way, if you want more details, make sure to view Edmunds review of 2018 Chevrolet Equinox SUV. The number of people that think technology is more significant than car brand is indeed impressive, it has been estimated that 60% of millennial buyers say that the right technology is at the top of their checklist. What automobile manufacturers need to understand is that they have to make serious changes. What are the most far-reaching car technologies? When it comes to innovations in the automotive industry, it’s impossible not to talk about the following: Alternative...

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